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Blue Monday Blues

16th January 2017

It’s come around again, Blue Monday. The day where everyone’s New Year’s resolutions shatter into smithereens. The day when the weather is never nice. The day that would make you feel so down in the dumps it makes you start to question the “new year new me” statement you declared only three weeks earlier. But […]

CES Reader’s Digest Day 5

9th January 2017

  As CES 2017 draws into a close, so does our daily digest. We have seen some truly extraordinary gadgets in development and some massive improvements on existing products. With the automotive industry seemingly at a standstill before the turn of the year, CES has really seen car tech take the spotlight. From self-driving cars […]

CES Reader’s Digest Day 4

6th January 2017

Day four here at CES and we are seeing just how the event is unfolding. We have had some inspirational individuals, exciting start-ups and cool concepts so far. In today’s edition, we are looking at the launch of wireless charging, recording toothbrushes and smart beds (yep, more smart objects for you guys). We are going […]

CES Reader’s Digest Day 3

6th January 2017

  We have arrived at day three of our CES digest. In two days, we have seen some truly revolutionary ideas and products coming out of the event, as well as some unorthodox, but functional concepts. We have seen that the VR/AR technologies are dominating proceedings as well as the self-driving car. There have been […]

CES Readers Digest Day 2

5th January 2017

Welcome to day two of the CES digest. Just one day into CES 2017 and already we are starting to see some of the different technologies that are beginning to dominate the event. These include the ever-continuing rise of VR as well as the new development of the self-driving car. This edition also looks at […]

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