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Energenie Works with Nest to Deliver Comfort in Every Room

14th October 2016

Energenie’s Works With Nest Integration Brings the Nest Learning Thermostat to Mi|Home System Energenie, creators of the Mi|Home system has announced it has joined the Works With Nest developer program, bringing the ease of the Nest Learning Thermostat’s advanced learning algorithms to MiHome heating control. Energenie’s Mi|Home system is now an official Works With Nest […]

Energenie On A Mission

13th October 2016

Energenie on a U.K. Government trade mission to Singapore promoting the U.K.’s strength in IOT and helping Singapore deliver on their ambition to be the Worlds smartest nation. The Internet of things (IOT) is something that us at Energenie use extensively in the development of our products. It is the internetworking of physical devices, and […]

Energenie @ The Electrical Trade Event

6th October 2016

Energenie are delighted to announce our attendance to the Electrical Trade Event with our Partner Demense Electrical. The Electrical Trade Event is an industry-backed exhibition for the electrical sector in Ireland. Recognised at Ireland’s National Electrical Trade Event, it is aimed at bringing together the wide-ranging electrical industry within an environment that promotes news business […]

Energenie Sponsors SmartHome Summit

20th September 2016

Energenie are delighted to announce our attendance to the second annual Smart Home Summit, based in Olympia, Kensington on the 21st and 22nd September. The Smart Home Summit is a two day conference and exhibition exploring the opportunities and innovations that technology is bringing to the home, and is part of the IOT Smart Summit. […]

Why should you be using radiator control?

16th February 2016

Keeping your home at a good temperature is important to all of us. If your home is too cold or too hot, you can feel uncomfortable and it can impact your health. However, heating doesn’t come cheap, and trying to figure yours out could end up costing you. Traditional thermostats may seem simple to use, […]

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