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Why should you be using radiator control?

16th February 2016

Keeping your home at a good temperature is important to all of us. If your home is too cold or too hot, you can feel uncomfortable and it can impact your health. However, heating doesn’t come cheap, and trying to figure yours out could end up costing you. Traditional thermostats may seem simple to use, […]

The benefits of controlling internet usage in your home

14th February 2016

Image credit: iStock It seems that nowadays everything is connected to the internet. As well as computers and laptops, your family probably has tablets, phones and games consoles that can all use the internet. While this is great for connecting with other people and making everyday tasks simpler, it can mean it is easier to […]

Top green choices to make when powering your home

8th February 2016

Image credit: iStock When it comes to powering your home, you want to choose solutions that offer the best results, but that also save you money. This doesn’t mean opting for the cheapest options, which only offer a short-term benefit. Instead, you want to choose solutions that use as little energy as possible, saving you […]

How is your home losing heat?

7th February 2016

When it comes to household costs, heating can be one of the biggest. We all want our homes to be comfortable, especially during the colder months of the year, but this doesn’t mean we have to pay through the nose just to maintain the right temperature. In fact, heating is one of the areas where […]

3 reasons to upgrade your appliances

3rd February 2016

  Electrical appliances are perfect for providing a bit of entertainment and helping to make everyday tasks, like cooking, easier. We all have our trusted appliances that we know we can get the best results from, but you should you really hang onto old electronics? While many of the appliances made in recent years will […]

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