My Energenie

An Introduction To Electric Vehicles

28th October 2019

The Rise Of Electric Vehicles On U.K. Roads Has Seen A ‘Stealth Takeover’ As These Silent Zero-Emission Cars Become Familiar Sightings!   I cannot think of a day in the past 12 months, that I have not seen an electric vehicle (EV) on a road in the U.K. In fact, it is usually multiple sightings […]

Back to University 2019: top smart home tech for students

22nd August 2019

It’s that time of year when you’re either preparing your children’s bags to get back to their University accommodation and friends, or they are leaving home for the first time to start their first year armed with a multitude of suitcases, boxes and bags in tow. Smart home tech can be a real life-saver for […]

Survey reveals smart home customers are most concerned about price

23rd May 2019

A new survey conducted by MiHome reveals that when it comes to smart home, affordability is the biggest key factor in attracting new customers to buy smart home products, with 46% of participants reporting ‘price’ as their biggest concern above concerns over loss of privacy and technology being hacked. The survey also highlighted that value […]

What you need to know before building the smart home of your dreams

23rd May 2019

You’ve taken the first steps into the world of smart home automation by acquiring your first MiHome Wifi Smart Plug or perhaps a multitude of MiHome Wifi Smart Plugs used in different ways across your home. But how do you decide what to invest in next to build your connected home within your budget? Photo […]

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