Is iOS 7 draining your iPhone battery?

27th September 2013
iOS 7 is draining some users' battery

Apple has launched iOS 7, the brand new version of its mobile operating system, but it has faced complaints from many users who say it is draining their battery.

Views have, however, been mixed, with some saying that the battery life is the same and others even saying it has improved. 

A poll of 11,528 individuals by the website iMore found that 28 per cent said their battery life is "slightly worse", while 15 per cent said it is "terrible" and the "worst ever".

Nonetheless, 11 per cent said their smartphone is lasting longer than ever without a charge and 29 per cent said there is no difference.

New operating systems tend to bring a whole new selection of features, and this is what can drain the device's battery faster, particularly affecting older devices. Therefore, it may be sensible to turn some of the tools and apps off if you are not using them to keep your smartphone going longer.

Posted by The EnerGenie

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