Optimise your devices with Energenie’s USB wall charger

27th January 2015
Optimise your chargers with Energenie's USB wall charger

As smart devices have become more commonplace, the methods we use to keep them fuelled have evolved too. 

Back in the days when mobile phones were more basic, for example, it was impossible to keep them full of juice without using a wall socket. Granted, when handsets were simply used for calls and texts it was far easier to manage their battery life, but this still brought with it a certain sense of inflexibility.

But fast forward to the current day and everything is much more advanced, with many phones being charged via USB. This is great and offers a universal socket, making it easier for users with handsets made by different manufacturers to share chargers, but there is one huge constraint. What if you run out of battery and are unable to get to a computer?

Well the answer to this conundrum and a few others is here thanks to Energenie and its 3.15amp pass through USB wall charger.

This product has the potential to save you time, money and energy by offering new charging options for all of your smart devices.

The plug is simply connected to the wall like any other appliance, but also contains an adapter that features two USB sockets. This means that mobile phones, tablets or Mp3 players that only come with a USB charger can now be topped up on the go, without the need for a computer.

What's more, the double USB socket allows for two devices to be charged from the wall at the same time, saving energy and splitting the electricity that is used up between the two charger cables. As a result, you will probably find you save a few pennies too.

In a world where the smart generation and the Internet of Things are more prominent than ever, there could not be a better time for a manufacturer like Energenie to be offering these innovative charging solutions.

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