Sony to introduce fast wireless phone chargers

1st November 2013
Sony to introduce fast wireless phone chargers

The time it takes to charge a phone or tablet could be radically shortened following the creation of a new charging pad by Sony.

According to, Sony’s new wireless device uses ten to 15 watts. This means that it generates twice the electricity of earlier wired chargers, making it possible to cut charging time to about an hour.

The technology could be on the market by late next year so it may be capable of charging the new Xperia handsets.

The Japanese financial paper reports that the finishing touches are being put on the specifications by the Wireless Power Consortium for wireless charging under the Qi international standard.

It is anticipated that the technology will work with the upcoming Qi-compatible chargers and smartphones as well as devices in the Sony range.

What’s more, reports that Japanese semiconductor company Rohm has developed control chips for charging at up to ten to 15 watts. 

This will prevent smartphones from overheating  when using the high speed charger, as well as increasing its usability.

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