Unplugging your smartphone issues

24th March 2014
Unplugging your smartphone issues

How long could you cope for without your smartphone? While your answer may be 'I can't', it's understandable considering all the various roles it fulfils – computer, alarm clock, radio, music player and game console, among others.

The rare moments you're without your phone are normally down to two main reasons – it's not on your person because you've forgotten it or misplaced it, or it's out of battery. 

Let's face it – the odds are your phone's lifespan isn't as long as you'd like it to be. While manufacturers are working to extend battery life, we're always going to want more because of how frequently we use our devices.

While we can't help you to stop losing your handset, we can ensure you're never in a position where you don't have enough battery. Read on to see how certain products can solve your battery and charging dilemmas, and make your life that little bit easier. 

No plug socket near your bed

Checking your phone before you go to sleep is becoming very popular. Before you turn the lights off, you can check in with the world and see whether your friends have finally 'latergrammed' those brilliant snaps of you all on holiday last week or plucked up the courage to take and post the no make-up selfie you nominated them to do. 

But if your phone's low on juice and there's no plug socket near your bed, what are you going to do? There's always the option of sitting on the floor by the wall where you're charging it, but that's no fun for anyone. Or, do you awkwardly lie on your bed with your head not on the pillow so you can just about reach it, only for you to accidentally pull a little too hard on the phone and it stop powering up? 

The other option you consider is leaving your phone plugged in overnight, but that's not energy-efficient as your device will reach 100 per cent comfortably before you wake up the next morning. Alternatively, there's the bold move of just hoping your battery will last overnight for your alarm to wake you up the next morning. 

Furthermore, it's a little too strange to consider redesigning your whole room, just so your bed's near a plug socket, isn't it? 

Why not consider a 6-way Donut Extension Lead, which has an all-important two-metre cable length that will solve any problems caused by a short phone charger. This product is surge-protected, meaning your phone – and anything else you plug into it – is protected from electrical spikes. You can store it under your bed so it's out of sight. Alternatively, consider a portable charger, which we'll look at a bit later on. 

Not enough plug sockets

If you live with your family or friends in a shared house, it's likely there may be a fight over the sockets in communal areas.

Especially in the lounge, when there's no doubt a television, DVD player, games console and speakers already plugged in, you may well struggle to charge your smartphone when your housemates have the same idea. 

If you're all going out that evening and really need your phone to be fully charged, you could find yourself in a bit of a #FirstWorldProblem scenario. 

To alleviate this, why not think about purchasing a 2amp pass through USB wall charger? This nifty product enables you to charge two mobile devices at the same time as using your existing plug socket to watch television or listen to music. Whether it's smartphones or tablets that need charging, this appliance will cater for your needs. 

Portable power

This is a big problem. You've got big plans for Saturday, which involve being out and about for the day, but you know your battery life generally doesn't last for that long. What are you going to do? 

It can be one of the most frustrating feelings being out of the house with no working phone. You can't contact the people you're meant to be meeting up with, you can't use your maps app to get to the rendez-vous point and you're not able to browse the web or play any games to pass the time while you sit on the train. 

No one wants to carry around a phone charger with them and there's no guarantee you'll even find a plug socket on your travels. What's particularly infuriating is that smartphones often aren't cheap and if you're spending so much money every month, you want to be able to use it. 

Do not fear – we have just the product to stop this ever plaguing you again. We sell a variety of portable, rechargeable chargers for many different types of smartphones. 

The Universal microUSB rechargeable charger seamlessly glides onto the back of Android, Windows and Blackberry handsets to ensure you can utilise your phone fully. While it clamps to the back of the device and won't come unstuck, it can be removed easily when the handset is fully charged. Weighing as little as 75 g, this product gives you as much as 75 per cent additional battery life and a set of five LED lights tells you the power level situation. 

We also sell chargers for those with the iPhone 3 and 4, which means you can make the most of having Apple's flagship device. If you've got a more recent iteration, we will soon be bringing out an iPhone ChargeGenie for the iPhone 5 – so watch this space.

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