The benefits of controlling internet usage in your home

14th February 2016

Image credit: iStock

Image credit: iStock

It seems that nowadays everything is connected to the internet. As well as computers and laptops, your family probably has tablets, phones and games consoles that can all use the internet.

While this is great for connecting with other people and making everyday tasks simpler, it can mean it is easier to get sucked into the internet.

It’s expected that you and your family will use the internet throughout the day, whether you use it to watch shows, go on Facebook, or play games or for work. However, using the internet too much can have negative effects.

Controlling when your family can use the internet and for how long, enables you to limit any negative aspects of overuse while ensuring you all still benefit from your connection.

So exactly what are the benefits of controlling internet usage in your home? Here are a few that could help you decide to take the plunge:

More family time

It is far too easy to spend time on your phone during meals, catching up with the latest tweets or to reach for your tablet to play some Candy Crush when you should all be enjoying a movie together. Family time is being increasingly impacted by internet accessibility.

Rather than sitting in the same room while you all look at different screens, controlling the internet means you can turn it off at key times to ensure you all get to enjoy time together. This can mean there is no internet during meals or at specific times so that you can all do something together.

This will also help you to set a routine for your family, which is helpful if you have young children.

Uninterrupted sleep

There have been numerous studies that suggest that staring at screens before going to bed can impact your sleep cycle and the quality of your sleep. This can leave you feeling tired and unfocused the next day, which is not good if you have work or school to attend.

It can also be incredibly easy to fall into the trap of ‘five more minutes’, by convincing yourself that you’ll head to bed after you’ve reached a certain level, finished an episode or read the next chapter. This can mean that you or your family end up going to bed much later than intended.

Loss of sleep can impact your health over time – especially for children and teenagers who need more sleep, even if they don’t want to go to bed – so avoiding lots of late nights or badsleep is a good idea.

Controlling your internet allows you to set a ‘lights out’ time when your router will turn off. This means no one can use the internet for games or social media, which can encourage your family to head to bed.

Lower energy bills

Turning your internet and any connected devices off when they aren’t needed won’t just impact habits when it comes to usage, it will also save you money on your electricity bills. Leaving appliances and devices turned on when you aren’t at home or when you’re in bed adds up over time, meaning you are paying out more for power than you need to.

Having the ability to ensure everything is turned off and to check your energy usage can help you reduce bills and save cash. This doesn’t have to mean running around the house to turn off switches before you go out though, as you can use the Mi|Home range to control your internet, lights, heating and appliances.

The range gives you total control of your home via our app, ensuring you know what’s going on. This means you can change a room’s temperature, turn off lights and control when your family are using the internet.

Better usage habits

If your family is used to being able to use the internet only at certain times of day, it could mean that they develop better usage habits. Rather than being reliant on a connection for entertainment, meaning they’ll reach for a connected device constantly, it could help them to engage with other activities.

Overall, this breeds better online behaviour and ensures they aren’t totally reliant on their technology, which is a big plus.

If you think your family could benefit from better control of internet usage, have a look at our Mi|Home range to see if it is right for you.

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