Cherwell residents urged to monitor energy usage

11th April 2014
Cherwell residents urged to monitor energy usage

As part of an attempt to encourage people to be more conscious of how much energy they're using, Cherwell District Council is lending residents energy monitors to track what's constituting most of their bills.

According to Buckingham Today, the typical household electricity bill has skyrocketed by 80 per cent between 2004 and 2010, so any attempt to curb these escalating costs will no doubt be gladly received.

Councillor for clean and green Nigel Morris said: "Residents will have a better understanding of exactly which items use the most electricity and subsequently make the largest contributions to their energy bills." 

Based on these findings, residents can then make strategic steps to lower their monthly outgoings. 

If you like the sound of working out what's making your bill higher than you'd like it to be, we sell Energy Saving Power Meters that enable you to do exactly that. 

Simply plug in any household appliance to the device to determine its energy consumption and carbon footprint. 

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