E.ON launches tool to help Brits transform energy use

11th October 2013
E.ON to help to reduce its customer's energy bills

Energy provider E.ON has launched a new online tool British consumers can use to help better understand their energy use and help to transform their habits to reduce their spend.

Created in partnership with Opower, a leading firm in customer engagement solutions in the utilities industry, the Saving Energy Toolkit offers Brits analysis of energy use, breaking it down by cost and providing information that compares them to those in their area.

By seeing how other households compare, it is expected that the toolkit will encourage positive changes to energy consumption.

"Our expertise in behavioural science, data analytics and consumer marketing, combined with our successful utility deployments worldwide have shown that customers are motivated to behave more like their peers – in this case efficient similar homes," said Nadini Basuthakur, managing director for Opower in the EMEA region.

Globally, Opower's solution has already led to £200 million in energy savings, after working with 90 utilities firms across seven countries.

Posted by Oliver Tadd

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