Energy saving products for the home

3rd March 2014
Energy saving products for the home

Rising costs of energy bills have plagued many in recent years, with the media even reporting that some are being forced into the dilemma of whether to heat or eat in the winter months. Ofgem recently called for greater transparency in home energy bills for consumers, but here are some products you can purchase for your house to help save money and make your lives simpler. 

Variable Rundown Timer Plug

Everyone can remember a situation when they've left the house but can't remember whether or not they've switched off a certain appliance. Whether it's an iron or a pair of hair straighteners, the worry running through your head can be so irksome that it causes you to stop what you're doing and return home to make sure you did actually turn them off. 

Alternatively, if you've got a slow cooker and want to leave it on for a preset amount of time, why not consider the Variable Rundown Timer Plug? 

The Rundown Timer will switch off the mains power to your appliance after a preset amount of time – 30 minutes, one hour, three hours or eight hours. This can be a perfect safety net for you, knowing that your straighteners won't be on for any longer than 30 minutes if you did, in fact, leave them on. 

It can also turn on at a certain time – so if you need your slow cooker on for eight hours but you're set to work a 12 hour shift, this is the answer. Set the timer to come on when you want it to and when you come home your food can be ready to eat – as opposed to being cooked for four hours too long. 

There is also the option of buying the 30 Minute Rundown Timer Plug, if you have a product that doesn't require the greater variety of preset times offered by the variable timer. It is also simple to restart – just press the green button and you will be granted an additional 30 minutes to use your appliance. 

6 gang master slave extension lead

If you have a desktop PC in your study, the 6 gang master slave extension lead is perfectly designed for such a product.

Plug the main device – such as the PC power cord – into the master socket and when this is switched off or goes to sleep, the other linked appliances will also power down. These could be the printer, the monitor or the speakers that are plugged into the slave sockets. When the PC is switched back on, these additional items will power up again. 

In addition, there is an unmanaged socket for devices you do not want to control in this way, like a Wi-Fi router. 

Alternatively, if you need additional plug sockets for appliances that are not linked in such a way, why not consider the 6-way donut extension lead? Not only will it fit neatly under your desk with its cable-tying features for tidy storage, but the sockets are also surge-protected, meaning your valuable equipment is shielded against electrical spikes, surges and mains-bourne radio frequency interference. 

LED lighting

A recent report from the Energy Saving Trust revealed UK households could save a cumulative total of £1.3 billion every year if they were to switch to more energy-efficient appliances. 

One simple way to achieve this is to take the plunge and only buy LED light bulbs. While many have heard of and use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), it is actually more cost-effective and energy-efficient to use LED ones.

A recent survey showed one-third of UK households are doing so and enjoying cheaper bills. With potential savings of as much as 85 per cent, have a look at Energenie's vast range of LED bulbs here

Energy Saving Power Meter

For some people, their bills are high but they don't really know why. They're uncertain of what specifically is draining so much power and any attempts to cut usage aren't yielding any tangible results. 

Simply plug an appliance into the Energy Saving Power Meter, which needs to be connected to the mains socket. It will measure how much energy it uses and, soon enough, you'll be able to determine which items are the worst offenders and devise ways to cut how much you use them. 

Remote Controlled Sockets

Plug sockets can often be in inconvenient places in your house, due to the layout of your furniture. This can sometimes lead to fiddling behind appliances so you can switch it off before you go to bed. To save yourself this unnecessary hassle – and protect your back from unnecessary bending over – why not consider purchasing a pack of Remote Controlled Sockets? 

Leaving devices, such as your TV or computer, on standby mode overnight can actually account for up to ten per cent of your energy bill. Furthermore, items such as tumble dryers, microwaves and phone chargers aren't actually meant to be left on while you sleep at night. So, don't let an awkwardly-situated plug socket be an excuse any more. When you turn your TV off with the remote, turn your plugs off too and go to bed knowing you're saving money on your bills! 

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