Green Deal experiences ‘reasonable growth’

21st May 2014
Green Deal experiences 'reasonable growth'

The government has hailed the "reasonable growth" for its Green Deal, which has had a disappointing run since its initial launch.

As an incentive to encourage homeowners to install energy-efficient measures in their homes, the initiative offers cash back in an attempt to help to lower the nation's carbon footprint.

The number of completed deals rose by 18 per cent in April to a figure of 1,178. This marked a rise from the 995 that were recorded in March.

In addition to this, almost 2,500 plans were in still in progress, marking a 22 per cent rise from the previous month's tally of 2,000 exactly. This marked the greatest month-by-month rise of projects in the pipeline since the government launched the Green Deal towards the beginning of 2013. 

However, these figures are still noticeably less than the government originally hoped for, upon launching the scheme. 

The government described these new figures as "reasonable growth", which was much welcomed after "a period of relatively low activity". 

In February, it transpired the number of plans that had been signed was as few as 33, even though this flagship initiative had been hailed as the biggest retrofit scheme since the war. This came as an embarrassing blow to minister of state for climate change Greg Barker, who revealed last year that he "wouldn't be sleeping" if the scheme failed to reach the 10,000 figure by the end of 2013. 

It was announced towards the beginning of May that the government was willing to offset the cost of these home improvements by as much as £7,600 to enable homes to be warmer and bills to be lower. The kind of energy-efficient changes that qualify include cavity wall insulation, double glazing and replacement doors. 

While these figures do show promising signs of growth, only time will tell whether or not this government initiative will continue to gain traction and have a positive effect on the nation's carbon footprint. 


Paul Armstrong: Is this really going to make much of a difference?

Jack Rawstorne: Hopefully this is the start of things getting better for the Green Deal.

Sheila Worthing: The Green Deal has been an unmitigated disaster. Needs to be scrapped asap.

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