Green Deal falling out of favour

21st March 2014
Green Deal falling out of favour

The government's Green Deal policy has lost significant momentum, with only 33 plans signed in February.

Despite being once hailed as the biggest retrofit scheme since the war, the flagship policy has seen its numbers plummet with secretary of state for energy and climate change Ed Davey conceding earlier this month the uptake had been "disappointing".

New figures revealed the number of completed deals increased to 883 at the end of February, up from 746 at the end of January. 

Such finalised plans mean retrofit measures have been installed and the homeowner is paying off the costs of these measures through their energy bill. 

In total, fewer than 2,000 households had Green Deal plans in progress at the end of February, just a two per cent rise on January's figure. 

These statistics will come as an embarrassing blow to minister of state for climate change Greg Barker, who is overseeing the project. This time last year he revealed he "wouldn't be sleeping" if the scheme failed to reach the 10,000 figure by the end of 2013. 

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