Green Deal to offer more money for energy-efficient improvements

2nd May 2014
Green Deal to offer more money for energy-efficient improvements

Any homeowners who take certain energy-efficient measures will receive more money back as an incentive, as the Green Deal initiative has been changed. 

The government will now offset the cost of such improvements by as much as £7,600 to enable homes to be warmer and bills to be lower. 

Examples of the type of work that could be eligible for funding includes cavity wall insulation, replacement doors and double glazing. 

Energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey said the most effective way for homeowners to reduce their bills is to use less energy. 

"By installing energy-saving improvements, families across the country can enjoy the benefits of warmer, more energy-efficient homes and lower bills."

The £540 million scheme was announced in December in a bid to help make houses and public properties more energy-efficient. The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund will start in June this year. 

It is hoped this initiative will provide additional chances for jobs and growth. 


Paul Simons: About time the government did something to help ordinary people! 

Jenny Parker: This will mean my bill will now be very expensive instead of extremely expensive. 

Hugh Richardson: This will really help, along with the small steps I've been taking, like switching to LEDs and not leaving things plugged in all the time. 

Posted by The EnerGenie

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