How far do you go with your Christmas lights?

27th November 2013
How far do you go with your Christmas lights?

There's no better way to show your adoration for the festive season than by smothering your home with legions of colourful lights, but how far do you take it to become the Christmas champion of your cul-de-sac?

One person who you will unlikely be able to triumph over is the Australian David Richards and his wife Janean, who covered their home in the nation's capital Canberra with an astonishing number of LED lights. In fact, his property is so saturated in lights that you can't even see it. A length of fairy lights across the guttering this is not.

The lights took a month for David to put up, and there's more than 500,000 of them. If they were all spread along a string, it would stretch out for almost 30 miles.

There's no surprise, therefore, that he managed to secure the Guinness World Record for the most number of lights on a residential property, a title he has reclaimed from the Gay family of Lagrangeville, New York.

He originally earned the title in 2011 when he covered his home with 331,038 lights. However, this was taken by the Gays in 2012 who managed to put an extra 15,000 bulbs on their property.

The challenge of covering a property with so many lights is not just for showmanship, David and Janean have been attempting to raise money the charity SIDS and Kids, which aims to save the lives of babies through miscarriage, accident and sudden unexpected death.

The family managed to collect $78,000 from tens of thousands of people visiting their property to ogle their achievement, which is going towards the employment of two counsellors who will help families who have lost a child.

"SIDS and Kids ACT is delighted for David and his family,” said SIDS and Kids chief executive Elizabeth Tobler.

"It is a remarkable effort and record. The display has been given a new look and design and I encourage people to once again come out and enjoy the lights.

If you want to take on the gauntlet laid down by the Richards, then remember to use the most energy efficient lights available, as I wouldn't like to imagine what their energy bill looks like after illuminating half a million bulbs.

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