How the Internet of Things can make your morning routine better

31st March 2015
How the Internet of Things can make your morning routine better

We've heard a lot about the Internet of Things in the last few years. Since we're so used to being connected via devices like smartphones and tablets, it seems even the most mundane objects are going to follow suit.

All the appliances that we rely on day after day will interact with each other and send alerts to our phones, all the while generating staggering amounts of data on our tastes, preferences and habits.

So how will this actually affect our daily lives? Well, let's take a look at one specific example of where the Internet of Things could make a big difference – our morning routines.

Chances are you set your alarm clock for the same time each day. But with connected technology, it will monitor traffic and weather information and set the time it sounds accordingly.

So it will wake you up a little bit earlier if there is an accident so you don't have to be late for work. Other devices will suggest alternate routes just in case there's serious disruption on the roads – and of course, your tea and coffee maker will know what time you're getting up so you have your morning brew on hand exactly when you want it.

It might sound like the stuff of science fiction, but technology really is becoming much more intuitive and responsive to external stimuli and data.

Ultimately, it could make our lives a lot easier and steer us around many of the common pitfalls and hassles we encounter, particularly first thing in the morning. In many ways, this change has already started to happen, but it will be fascinating to see it move further into the mainstream in the future.

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