Internet of Things myth-busting

28th May 2015
Internet of Things myth-busting

We've seen a staggering amount of technological innovation in recent years and devices that we'd have once expected to see only in science-fiction are now day-to-day utilities for us. But the march of technology can be overwhelming for some people, particularly as many misconceptions and myths can emerge about the latest big thing.

So we thought it would be a good idea to examine some of these erroneous views and say it how it really is…

The Internet of Things is revolutionary

Just the word can be daunting, as it suggests we're going to make big changes to our lives and get used to a brand new environment or get left behind.

But in fact, the idea of connecting different devices isn't exactly a new one. Look at how we can track and monitor all the items we order and how RFID tags can be used to provide a truly accurate report. And buying devices that respond intelligently to their surrounding isn't groundbreaking either. For instance, many of us will have motion-detecting security lights in our back gardens, that only light up when movement occurs.

The Internet of Things is simply an extension on these ideas, rather than a new concept outright. Connected technology is being taken to a different level and being applied to more household objects. So instead of forcing everyone to drastically change how we live, it can simply slip in unobtrusively and make our lives much easier!

It's not secure

Critics of our online, digital world often raise concerns about issues such as security and privacy. While these are legitimate things to be worried about, they shouldn't be invoked to fuel unwarranted concerns about new innovations.

Indeed, manufacturers of Internet of Things-based systems are already working hard to ensure their products meet every international standard there is on privacy and security. With the public and businesses so clued up about issues such as data breaches and identity theft, technology firms are more than aware of the need to make sure their systems tick every single box in order to avoid damaging incidents.

Every household device will be connected with each other

With so many different technology firms investing in Internet of Things systems, not every device is going to work in perfect harmony with other. After all, it wouldn't give customers a reason to go back to a specific brand if it didn't matter who they transacted with. So it's a myth to say every gadget can be perfectly integrated regardless of who it's made by. So if you feel you've been missold the idea of the Internet of Things in this respect, the best way round this could be to limit Internet of Things devices to those from a single manufacturer and range – such as Energenie's modular MiHome range. These various systems are all designed to work together – and you can pick as many as you need or want to run on the same network.

We know how much the IoT market will grow 

Experts love making predictions that sound like hard facts, but it's true to say that it is often just a lucky guess that could be easily be wrong. So while we completely back predictions that the Internet of Things market will grow by a massive rate in the next few years, we'll take specific figures and stats for years down the line with a pinch of salt.

After all, experts have been caught out plenty of times before, so let's just watch this exciting market grow rather than try to put a specific number on something we can't possibly anticipate. 

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