Keep on top of your appliances with the Pi-mote control board

28th January 2015
Keep on top of your appliances with the Pi-mote control board

With more gadgets and technological innovations popping up all the time, it is not surprising that our homes are populated with them. As a result it can become difficult to monitor how much energy we are using and the bills that we are racking up.

But this has led to the emergence of a whole new market. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and manufacturers who are coming up with innovative power solutions, we can be in complete control of all our appliances – sometimes from the comfort of our armchair.

For those of us who still find ourselves crawling behind cabinets and wardrobes to access difficult to reach plug sockets, this might sound like a distant reality, but Raspberry Pi users have a new option thanks to Energenie.

Its Pi-mote Control Board can be connected to a Raspberry Pi and create a motherboard that remotely operates any of the plug sockets in your home.

This could include anything from an electrical heater to a children's night light. It can be used at any distance within 30 metres and the wireless signals it sends can pass through walls, ceilings, doors and storeys of any thickness.

There are some who may argue that it isn't that difficult to access all their plugs individually, but in certain situations remote access is a hugely important factor.

Elderly residents can occasionally find it something of a challenge to get around the house, especially if they live on their own at a multi-story property. The use of the Pi-mote control board can offer the peace of mind they need to know that appliances are not being left on unnecessarily, while also reducing the physical strain of constantly having to get up and down the stairs.

On another note, those who are out of the house but need to monitor their devices could even ask a neighbour to do it for them remotely, meaning they could arrive home to find the heating already on, or open the garage door without having to leave the vehicle.

Posted by The EnerGenie

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