Large smartphone users warned over data usage

29th November 2013
Smart phone charges can be higher for larger sized devices

New research has found that consumers with super-sized smartphones, known as ‘phablets’ could be receiving much higher bills for data usage.

Market research company NPD found there was a 72 per cent increase in the amount of data used on large smartphones compared to devices smaller than 4.5 inches.

The research found that users with larger phones are more likely to use them for streaming video or music streaming, usage that costs more.

NPD found that smartphone users with bigger screens were 15 per cent more likely to watch video on their device, internet browsing was 12 per cent more prevalent and music streaming increased by nine per cent.

The average UK consumer uses 340MB in mobile data a month, according to Ofcom. A 72 per cent increase would take usage to 588MB, well over the common limit per month of 500MB which means users would need to pay for extra data usage.

Current price plans are likely to include 1GB of free data usage per month, but many users are on 24-month contracts, so when they were taken out the free usage was 500MB.

John Buffone, director of devices at Connected Intelligence, who carried out the survey, said:  “Even though today larger screens represent a smaller part of the market, their relevance is increasing as consumers look for more ways to interact with content while on-the-go.  This is a win, not only for the manufacturers, but also for the carriers as data consumption and usage will keep increasing.”


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