Mix and match the Mi Home products that suit your lifestyle

31st March 2015
Mix and match the Mi Home products that suit your lifestyle

You're a busy person who doesn't seem to have a spare five minutes, so you probably haven't got time to worry about little things like replacing a boiler and thermostat that works perfectly well already.

But if money is one of the things that is putting you under pressure, it could be well worth taking a closer look at alternatives that could be cheaper in the long run.

Energenie's Mi Home range could be exactly what you need, as it puts you in control over your heating and wider energy usage, so you're only paying for what you actually use.

Think about how often the heating turns itself on when you're not even at home, or how you end up heating the whole house when only one or two rooms are occupied.

With the Mi Home range, you don't have to pour money down the drain in this way and you'll be able to tailor each system so it works for you.

Again, you're probably saying you don't have the time to mess around with all this. But Mi Home products are connected devices so you can control them from your smartphone, even when you're out.

So if you're sitting on the train on your way home and it's a cold day, simply pull out your handset and decide which rooms you want to be warmed up and your desired temperature.

It's all about making it convenient for you, so you can choose devices that work around your busy lifestyle rather than get in the way. 

You'll find you could potentially save large sums of money, while the ability to monitor your energy usage closely will allow you to embrace a more energy-efficient way of living.

There's nothing like knowing exactly how much money and power are being wasted to make you sit up and change your behaviour for the better.

Posted by The EnerGenie

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