Not long to wait until the app-controlled SMS socket arrives

18th February 2015
Not long to wait until the app-controlled SMS socket arrives

In the modern day, there has never been as much pressure to try to save energy and be conscious of just how much power our home appliances are using up. 

This is true on two levels. Firstly in terms of dealing with the financial concerns that come with rising bills and secondly, the impact on the environment is something that is becoming less and less negligible.

However, luckily the tech world is on hand to move with the times and offer us some useful solutions that will help reduce our monthly costs and energy use. Much of the emphasis is simply about being more mindful of appliances, and ensuring they are only on when they need to be.

But developments like the rise of the smartphone generation and the growing impact of the Internet of Things mean that we find ourselves with more and more devices plugged in at various times throughout the day.

This is why the app-controlled SMS socket – an upcoming product set to be released by Energenie – is such an interesting and practical innovation.

We have all been in a situation when we have left the house to go to work, only to realise that we foolishly left a stereo system switched on or an iron plugged in. In the past, the only solution was to turn back around and admit defeat in the quest to turn up to the office on time.

However, once this fantastic product hits the market, Energenie customers can be in complete control. The device simply plugs into the socket like any other adapter, but then the user has an option to turn it off remotely from any location where they have a phone signal. 

One simple text message to a dedicated number will automatically disconnect the plug socket, putting an end to unnecessary energy use. 

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