Rising energy bills are ‘top worry’ for households

8th August 2014
Rising energy bills are 'top worry' for households

The rising cost of energy bills has been voted the number one worry for European households.

New research from the Kingfisher Group – which includes firms such as B&Q and Screwfix – has shown this concern pips mortgage or rent anxieties to poll position.

Close to two-thirds of respondents from nine countries across Europe conceded their top concern was how much their energy bills were increasing. It transpired nearly one-third of those polled spoke of their intention on saving money on these outgoings by making their homes more energy efficient, compared to just four per cent who said this was on their to-do list in 2012. This marks an eightfold increase. 

Chief executive of Kingfisher Sir Ian Cheshire said: "Rising energy prices are a very real fear – right across Europe, a bigger concern even than worries about paying the rent or mortgage.

"There is a staggering increase in the number of people who intend to prioritise energy efficiency and it is soaring bills that is driving this agenda."

More than 17,000 individuals were interviewed for this survey. 

This news comes in light of the fact that numerous households have recently turned away from the so-called Big Six energy suppliers in favour of smaller – and cheaper – ones. It is believed as many as two million have done this. 

Energy secretary Ed Davey said the number of small suppliers has nearly trebled since 2010 and encouraged households to remember they could save in excess of £200 every year by shopping around. 

Recent statistics suggest 2.28 million households across the UK are living in fuel poverty, so there is clearly much more to be done to alleviate this problem. 


Christine Evans: I agree with this. Much more concerned about energy prices – they don't seem to stop going up.

Jack Pritchett: LED light bulbs have helped to reduce my bills, which has been good.

Caroline Gee: The government aren't doing anything about this, much as they like to claim they are. 

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