Save power and pennies with an automatic standby lead

30th January 2015
Save power and pennies with an automatic standby lead

Whether we like it or not, our lives in the modern world are pretty much ruled by computers. Every part of our routine seems to involve the internet in some way and the working world has been completely transformed since it went online.

That said, it is not surprising that a huge amount of power – and billions of pounds in electricity bills – is used up every single day. There have been numerous schemes aimed at educating office workers on the benefits of turning their machine off when it is not being used, but with such busy schedules, it's inevitable that this will occasionally slip our minds.

However, eco-friendly manufacturer Energenie has come up with a new solution that could see you with a few extra pennies in your wallet and a computer with an extended shelf life.

This is where the firm's Automatic Standby Lead comes in. This clever little device is simply connected to a normal plug socket, but has a function that means it will automatically detect when the appliance being used with is set to standby. It will then turn off the plug at the mains without command.

In fact, the lead can be used with any piece of electrical equipment, so whether it be a laptop, a home stereo or a television, you could be saving cash and reducing your energy consumption on them all by investing in this little beauty.

The lead is now available in a longer version, measured at 1.45 metres and it comes as part of a huge range of energy-saving solutions that can be found on the Energenie website. What's more, it is available for a modest price of just £9.99.

Posted by The EnerGenie

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