Thousands to lose out on energy insulation, according to Labour

12th March 2014
Thousands to lose out on energy insulation, according to Labour

Thousands of households could miss out on planned insulation, due to an agreement between the government and energy companies.

According to shadow energy and climate change secretary Caroline Flint, this "dirty deal" will affect in excess of 54,000 households.

The Labour Party revealed how out of 146 local authorities, 49 schemes have been stopped or temporarily halted due to the government's changes to the Energy Company Obligation.

It transpired the plan to insulate 9,000 homes in East Riding of Yorkshire are now on hold, while 4,000 properties in Leeds will also miss out. Gateshead, Northumberland and Kent are also adversely affected. 

Such a decision initially seemed like good news for households, as energy companies announced a £50 annual reduction on customers' bills and the government claimed it was "very good news for people in fuel poverty".

This was made possible by removing some of the green levies from bills in December last year.  

However, Ms Flint has lambasted this deal, as it means thousands "will be left in the cold".

"There's a cost-of-living crisis in Britain, but David Cameron always stands up for the privileged few," she said.

Ms Flint added how David Cameron had let energy providers off the hook, instead of insisting they honoured their obligations, as investing in insulation was the "best way" to cut people's bills. 

"Worst of all, even though the energy companies now have to help fewer households, they've still been allowed to hike up people's bills," she remarked. 

She called for a price freeze and a reset of the market to prevent such a situation from happening again. 

However, a spokesperson for the Department of Energy and Climate Change insisted it was helping to make Britain's homes more energy-efficient, pointing to its announcement of an additional £540 million in December and the extension of the scheme for two more years. 

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