Top 7 gifts for students

10th February 2014
Top 7 gifts for students

If your child is off to university in September, you'll no doubt be starting to think about all of the various items they'll need as they move into student accommodation to study for a degree. 

Students' finances are often a delicate issue, especially so now with the recent rise in tuition fees. Why not consider purchasing some of these items to help your child – or family member – save energy (and money!) while studying for their degree. Even if they're already at university, they'll appreciate a gift that will mean they have a little more money to spend on a drink down the pub or a nice meal out, as they celebrate handing in their latest essay or project.

6 gang master slave extension lead 

By purchasing the 6 gang master slave extension lead for your child, they can power up their favourite gadgets and save energy at the same time. Simply plug the main product – such as a PC – into the master socket and when this device is switched off or goes to sleep, all other linked appliances will completely power down – such as the printer, the monitor and the speakers. When the main product is switched back on, all of the other products connected to the slave sockets also power up. There is also an unmanaged socket also for devices you do not wish to control in this way, such as a Wi-Fi router.

Energy saving power meter

When a student moves into a shared house, one common source of arguments is the energy bills. No one wants to pay anything more than they need to, so by purchasing an energy saving power meter, your child and their friends can see which appliances are draining the most energy in the house. This means it's really easy for students to cut their bills – and hopefully any tension!

Rechargeable smartphone charger

As landline phones become less common, your child's smartphone is likely to be the easiest way to contact them. Ensure they can never use the excuse that their phone was flat for why they don't ring you enough – buy them a rechargeable charger! Its innovative gel pad design that securely fits on the back of their smartphone and provides up to 75 per cent longer battery life.

Weighing just 75 grams, it's barely noticeable and enables the phone to still be used as normal, while charging. With five LED lights to indicate the battery power level, gone are the days of running out of juice. What's more, it's recently been nominated in the Mobile Choice Accessories Awards for Best Charging/Power Accessory. Cast your vote here!

Portable laptop charger

A student's laptop is so important, as it's the main way for them to surf the internet, chat to their friends via social media sites or – dare we say it – write their essays, to name just a few examples. The ChargeGenie 200 has the battery capacity to charge a smartphone up to ten times – and enough to charge a laptop fully. Its light and compact design means that it fits comfortably into a student's bag for a day of lectures and workshops. The added advantage of the ChargeGenie is that it can charge two devices at the same time, such as a phone and a laptop. 

Smart radiator valve

With various lectures, seminars, sports fixtures and society gatherings, students can often be in and out of the house frequently. With busy schedules, practical matters such as turning radiators on and off can sometimes get forgotten. Why not consider buying a smart radiator valve, which can programme radiator valves to come on at certain times and temperatures. The product provides the potential for a 25 per cent saving in energy costs. This way, the student house is heated at the appropriate times, without relying on someone always remembering to…. What's not to love?

Remote control sockets

Leaving appliances, such as the television and computer, on standby mode overnight can account for as much as ten per cent of an energy bill. To save your child the hassle of crawling behind the television to switch it off before heading to bed, purchase a remote control socket set. Switching off devices at the plug becomes as natural and easy as changing channels.

Furthermore, it's not just money that your child will be saving. Some items are not designed to be left on during the night and could be a potential fire hazard. Items such as microwaves and phone chargers – which are two staples in student accommodation – shouldn't be left on overnight. Why take the risk when, with remote control plugs, you could turn everything off easily?

LED lighting

A recent survey showed that one in three households in the UK are now regularly buying LED bulbs – the majority of whom cited cost and energy efficiency as their motivation. Buying such bulbs is an easy way for your child's bill to be reduced and they're even better value than the more common compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). LEDs can offer savings of up to 85 per cent from bills – it's a win-win situation!

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