Top green choices to make when powering your home

8th February 2016

Image credit: iStock

Image credit: iStock

When it comes to powering your home, you want to choose solutions that offer the best results, but that also save you money. This doesn’t mean opting for the cheapest options, which only offer a short-term benefit.

Instead, you want to choose solutions that use as little energy as possible, saving you money on your electricity in the long-run. Not only is this better for your bank balance, it also means that your home is greener.

But what choices can you make to ensure your home is as green as possible without impacting your day to day life? Here are some simple and easy options that provide plenty of benefits:

Energy-efficient light bulbs

Possibly one of the quickest changes you can make in your home is your light bulbs. Swapping out standard light bulbs for energy-efficient ones provides the same level of light but by using a reduced amount of electricity.

Just as with traditional bulbs energy-efficient varieties come in various wattages, ensuring you have the right one for your needs. You can use them in your standard overhead lighting, as well as lamps – although you should check that they are suitable for older lamps first – ensuring you can use them throughout your entire home.

You’ll also find that energy-efficient bulbs last longer, meaning you have to pay out less on replacements as well as power.

Service and upgrade your boiler

Your boiler is one of the important things in your home, especially during cold weather. It heats your home and provides you with hot water, getting used numerous times a day. This is why you want to ensure it is running correctly and efficiently.

Rather than waiting for your boiler to stop working before paying a professional to service it, you should ensure it is looked at regularly to keep it in peak condition. This is especially important if it is an older model.

As well as looking after it, it is a good idea to swap out older models for new, more efficient boilers at the earliest opportunities. Not only will this protect your boiler from breaking down, it will ensure lower running costs and more efficient heating.

While a new boiler is a big expenditure, you will make your money back fairly quickly when it comes to your energy bills, meaning you’ll be saving cash in no time while running an energy-efficient home.

Automate your home

Automating your heating, lighting and appliances allow you to control your home as well as track how much electricity you are using. You’re able to turn your heating on and off to suit your needs, maintain a comfortable ambient temperature in your home for less money and ensure that your family doesn’t leave lights and appliances on unnecessarily.

Not only does our Mi|Home range allow you to do all of this and more, you are able to control your whole system via our app. This means you can turn your heating off from anywhere in the world, placing you in complete control.

You’ll be able to see your energy bills getting lower, meaning your home is greener as well as cheaper to run. In fact, we’re sure you’ll never look back once you’ve started using the range.

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