Transform your home cinema experience using the Internet of Things

31st March 2015
Transform your home cinema experience using the Internet of Things

There's something undeniably special about going to the cinema. Whether it's the massive screen, sitting in the dark with sweet treats, the remarkable surround sound and the air of anticipation among the crowd, it's hard to put our finger on what makes it so precious.

But with the latest home theatre technology, it is getting easier to reproduce this experience from the comfort our own living room, so we can weed out those aspects of a cinema trip we don't like – others using their phones, overpriced admission fees, noisy eaters – take your pick.

And of course you can tailor every aspect to suit your individual needs. Home theatre technology is intuitive and integrated – and crucially, it's easy to use and never gets in the way.

It all means you'll be itching to invite your friends round to watch the latest cinematic treats – as well as show off your stylish viewing equipment.

And of course, the fact it's connected to the internet means you don't have to worry about finding somewhere to store your DVD box sets.

With services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can stream a whole range of TV shows and films quickly and easy to your big screen.

It's so much easier than trying to hook up your laptop to the TV and having your viewing experience interrupted with constant buffering and signal break-ups.

And you might end up never wanting to go to a real cinema ever again!

Posted by The EnerGenie

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