UK households could save £1.3bn a year on energy bills

19th February 2014
UK households could save £1.3bn a year on energy bills

Families in the UK could save as much as £1.3 billion annually on their bills, if they were to switch to more energy-efficient products. 

European Commission-funded research from the Energy Saving Trust revealed as many as 20 per cent of products could not actually be as efficient as their manufacturers claim.

Household appliances such as ovens, fridges, washing machines and dishwashers were among the culprits whose labelling did not represent how much energy they actually used. 

This meant expected reductions on bills, which could be as much as ten per cent, did not materialise for customers.

Despite these concerns, the Trust maintained savings as lucrative as £1.3 billion each year could still be made with more energy-efficient appliances.

The research was undertaken between 2009 and 2011, and inspected the efficiency of domestic fridges by testing the energy label declarations.

Chief executive Philip Sellwood said: "We need to address the fact that consumers across Europe are not maximising the energy saving benefits stated by millions of products.

"The European Commission has recognised that this energy wastage is a problem and is keen to ensure a compelling climate of compliance across all aspects of energy efficiency."

He also called for clear, accurate labelling to ensure less confusion for customers looking to purchase an electronic appliance. 

Energenie provides a variety of products that can help monitor how much energy you use or enable you to cut your bills. 

The Energy Saving Power Meter can let you know which of your appliances are using up excessive amounts of power, meaning you can hopefully save you money! All you need to do is plug it into a mains socket and then put a product into it.

Similarly, remote controlled sockets can be a real help around the house. Many items in your home, such as microwaves, phone chargers and tumble dryers, shouldn't be left on overnight. Not only does this product enable you to turn them off easily, it could also reduce your outgoings. 

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