Why should you be using radiator control?

16th February 2016
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Image credit: iStock

Keeping your home at a good temperature is important to all of us. If your home is too cold or too hot, you can feel uncomfortable and it can impact your health. However, heating doesn’t come cheap, and trying to figure yours out could end up costing you.

Traditional thermostats may seem simple to use, but they don’t really offer you the benefit of total control. While you can turn the heat up or down, you may not be able to set accurate timers, check overall temperature or monitor how warm your home is.

In fact, they can do little besides turning your heating on and off, which won’t help you save money or ensure your house maintains the optimum ambient temperature. This lack of control can mean that you are paying more in an effort to heat your home, even if you think you have your radiators turned on less.

Luckily, comprehensive radiator control – such as is available with our Mi|Home range – can solve all these issues, making your home easier to heat, more comfortable and cheaper to run.

Here are some of the reasons you should switch to radiator control today:

Regulates temperature

While thermostats with timer settings can ensure your heating only comes on at certain points throughout the day, they aren’t able to tell whether your heating actually needs to come on.

You may have your heating all set to come on in the evenings, but if your house isn’t actually cold, this is wasted energy. Radiator control actually helps you to regulate the temperature of your room by monitoring it.

This means that if your room is already at your set optimum temperature, which you’re able to see via your computer or the app, your radiator won’t come on. Overall, this will help you save money by not overheating your home.

Individual control

If you use a Mi|Home valve on each of your radiators, you’re able to control them all individually. This means you can control your heating by room, rather than having to heat the entire house.

You can set different temperatures for different rooms and ensure that you are only heating the rooms you are using. As you’re likely to use different rooms depending on the time of day, this ensures that you are comfortable wherever you are in the house and that you aren’t having to manually turn radiators on and off to fit your use.

Not only does this improve comfort levels, it also helps you to save money by avoiding excessive energy use.

Control away from home

There’s nothing worse than getting home to a cold house, especially if you’ve been caught in the wind, rain or snow. It can leave you feeling cold and miserable, as well as rushing to turn the heating up high to try and get your home at a good temperature.

Not only does this not work as well as you think – blasting your heating just makes your boiler work harder but it can’t make your house feel warmer any quicker – it also uses more power.

Instead, if you have radiator controls, you can use the Mi|Home app on your smartphone to turn the heating on just before you get home so your house will be warm and welcoming ready for you to get in the door. This uses less energy and allows you to be in complete control at all times.

Similarly, if you are going to be late home or if you’re going away, you can turn your heating off completely and not have to worry about using power when you aren’t even home.

You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to save money by controlling your radiators with Energenie. It won’t be long before you see po

Saves you money

unds falling off your bill, ensuring you make back the money you spent on the system in no time at all.

Radiator controls are a great introduction to the other automation options we have on offer that can be controlled via the same app and programmes, meaning you could soon have complete control of your power usage, reducing costs even more.

So, don’t rely on your traditional thermostat, have a look at our home automation products today and save yourself money on your energy bills.

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