What does an energy efficient city look like?

18th September 2013
Energy Efficient City

With energy efficiency being a priority for countries across the world, the utopia of a truly sustainable city is often bandied around. It may seem like a long way off, but many places are giving it a go and attempting to limit resource wastage.

A recent study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has created a league table ranking 34 US cities in terms of their green credentials.

The organisation took into account different factors such as efficient building design, electric vehicle charging stations and the promotion of bike sharing.

Atop the pedestal is the Massachusetts city of Boston, which garnered 76.75 points out of a potential 100, scoring well across the five different policy areas of local government, community, buildings, utilities and transportation. It was in particular noted for its community-wide programmes and initiatives such as Renew Boston, which provides incentives to make homes more energy efficient.

Boston finished a whole 6.75 points ahead of the traditionally liberal Portland, in Oregon, while New York City rounded off the podium positions.

On the other end of the spectrum, Jacksonville, Florida came 34th with 17.25 points, while Detroit, Michigan secured 19 points and Memphis, Tennessee was handed 23.5.

Looking at a map of the city dispersal, the most energy efficient cities are found in the north-west and north-east, while the Bible Belt and the south-west recorded the worst scores.

"But despite this significant level of local activity on efficiency, a wide gap exists between the cities at the top of the Score rankings and those near the bottom, and even the highest-scoring cities did not come close to earning the total possible points overall," the report reads.

Interestingly, the ACEEE found that there was no correlation between the policy scores attained by cities and the amount of energy each location consumes.

It would be interesting to see which UK cities would top a similar league table. Where do you think your city would rank?

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