Why keeping your smartphone charged has never been more important

31st March 2015
Why keeping your smartphone charged has never been more important

We've talked up our Mi Home range of products quite a bit recently, as we think it's really exciting to be able to control and monitor our energy usage from afar using our smartphones.

But since we use our phones for just about everything these days, we're always running the risk of the battery running out. For all its remarkable capabilities, what good is a smartphone if we can't even turn it on?

With this in mind, here are few tips to reduce the chances of your handset running out of juice exactly when you might need it most.

Turn off apps you're not using

Do you really need GPS and Wi-Fi enabled at all times? Probably not – so which off functions that you need to have up and running.

Don't expose it to high temperatures

Smartphone batteries struggle in high temperatures, so try to keep them in a reasonable heat level as much as you can. Heat makes the batteries degrade even when the phone isn't being used, so their life spans will ultimately be shorter. 

Don't charge wirelessly

Unnecessary heat is generated by wireless charging, which means your battery will get exposed to high temperatures that will do it no good in the long run. So stick to your standard plug-in charger if you want your battery to enjoy a longer life.

Don't let power get to zero

Batteries need a little bit of juice in them, so try to avoid letting the power ebb away completely if you want it to work for longer. 

If you take these simple steps, you'll be much better placed to get the most out of your smartphone – and who knows when you might need it, not for calls or texting, but maybe to switch your heating on or off during your commute home?

Posted by The EnerGenie

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