Workplaces missing out on £300m in energy savings

10th February 2014
Workplaces missing out on £300m in energy savings

Workplaces in the UK could be missing out on up to £300 million annually by not encouraging good habits with energy usage.

A report from the Carbon Trust revealed £55 million could be saved by simply encouraging employees to switch off lights at their office something about when they're not using them. 

If employees were praised for their energy-saving steps, it would make them 60 per cent more likely to carry out actions such as turning off lights when they leave the office – twice the number that felt they would respond positively to criticism.

In fact, praise was shown to almost be as effective as money in motivating staff. The majority (60 per cent) would be more likely to take action if they were rewarded financially – and 58 per cent more likely if they were recognised for doing so. 

Managing director of programmes at the Carbon Trust Richard Rugg said: “Employees are the greatest asset of UK business, but when most of us enter the office, we take far less care to save energy and use resources efficiently than we do at home."

He added that as employees become more willing to help, businesses could unlock big savings. 

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