Don’t let your charge catch you out!

20th December 2010

Something for the weekend - a simple Pi-mote mod

Heavy snow disrupted the UK’s travel plans, with many airports across the UK being closed including London’s airports, this left thousands of stranded passengers spending the weekend on the terminal floors.


Britain’s roads and railways were also hit by the winter weather, with drivers abandoning their vehicles in heavy snow and rail passengers being ejected onto freezing platforms from broken-down trains.

Forecasters have began predicting that this month could be the coldest December for a century!

An article in The Independant commented on how stranded passengers were reporting lengthy queues for toilets and plug sockets, where the stranded passengers were taking it in turn to recharge their mobile phones!

Travellers stuck in vehicles and on some trains were without the luxury of plug sockets to recharge their mobile phones.

Don’t let your charge catch you out make sure that you carry a spare charged battery or a wind up charger like ours.

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