Earth Overshoot Day — Humanities overdraft of ecological services

20th August 2010

A recent post on the Guardian Environment Blog spoke of Earth Overshoot day, this year it falls tomorrow the 21st August a month earlier than last year! Earth Overshoot Day is the day in ‘which we exhaust our ecological budget for the year’ according to the New Economics Foundation who devised this concept, they are also people behind ‘Fish Debt Day’.

Roughly 30 years ago our demand for ecological resources began to outpace the rate in which they can be replenished by nature, this gap between demand and supply is the ecological overshoot. Global Footprint network a California based company calculate the overshoot day by using this formula (world biocapacity / world ecological footprint) x 365 = Earth Overshoot Day.

The image above shows the human populations overspend for 2010, our over usage of ecological resources are what is contributing to most obviously climate change. But there are other problems as well such as shrinking forests, fisheries collapsing this is highlighted by Fish Debt Day, species loss and higher sea water levels, I could go on but we are all aware of the many possibilities that may occur due to excess consumption in ecological resources.

There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption, here are some below try them for a year and see if next year’s Overshoot is less than 50%.

Buy local produce, the further the product as travelled to get to you the more energy it has consumed.

Walk, Cycle, or use public transport, if we reduce the amount we drive, we will reduce carbon emissions.

High efficiency products, the initial cost may be more but the will bring you long term savings and you will be helping to reduce energy consumption.

Reduce phantom power, appliances such as televisions, computers and microwaves are still consuming power when not being used. Wasted energy can total almost 25% of a home’s electricity bill, so choose appliances with low standby energy consumption, or look at our products that may help you eliminate the problem of phantom power usage.

If you have any tips share them by commenting on this post!

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