Energy Efficient Gadgets

7th August 2010

Whether you’re “going green” and reducing energy consumption to help make the country more sustainable or simply to reduce company costs, the recent post on Mashable highlights five energy efficient gadgets that might be what your office needs.
They suggest you start by investing in a power meter so you can see what you’re worst energy offenders are in your office, it will also allow you to track changes that new gadgets create. If you’re looking for something a little simpler to use and with a smaller price tag than the Efergy power meter Mashable suggests, then feel free to have a look at our own power meter.

1. Energy Efficient Printer

If you are not able to become print free at work but want a printer that has the least impact on the environment when your printing on your 100% recycled paper, The Energy Saving Trust recommend that a printer users less than 22W when switched on and less than 3.5W in sleep mode and less than 1W in Standby mode. For a small business or household the Epson BX310FN, is a great all in one printer that is energy efficient.

2. Water-Powered Calculator

This handy calculator uses non-toxic water-activated batteries that need moisture to trigger the carbon particles needed to produce the same level of energy as common batteries do. When the batteries run dry don’t throw them out like common batteries just simply re-fill the tubes with tap water.

3. Desktop Computer

When we think of reducing energy we usually start with the small trouble-free easy to change projects. So here is something small the Apple Mini Mac claiming to be the world’s most energy efficient computer it will allow you to cut energy consumption without reducing work hours. Apple says that the computer is up to 90% efficient and the power supply has been reduced from 110W to 85W. The Mini Mac has improved from its predecessor in idle power usage, using less than 10W which is 25W less than previous generations of the Mac. Think of how much your business could save in energy bills by using energy-friendly computers.

4. Solar Gadget Charger

This handy, solar panel kit can power up your laptopwhile you sit and work in the sun the Solar Gorilla’s panels can produced 10W of power when placed in direct sunlight. This is enough to charge a number of electronic goods not just your laptop. What a great gadget for excuse to let you have some fun in the sun.

5. Energenie PC Automatic Standby Shutdown

Our PC automatic standby shutdown will learn your computers power consumption and shut down other appliances when the computer is powered down. There is also an always on socket for your router or fax machine. Your never have to think did I turn my computer off again! And all the other appliances you plug in will shut down too making even less for you to do.

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