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28th October 2010

Energy Saving Week — Day 4 — Energy Saving Products

Over £1 billion worth of energy is wasted in the UK every year by people leaving appliances on standby, however minimising in home energy consumption is about you taking control and managing your energy usage.

We hope the energy efficient products and gadgets featured in this post will help you on your mission to be more energy efficient!

There are now so many products out there claiming to be energy efficient, it is hard to know what ones are really green.
When looking for any electrical appliance always look for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended Logo shown below.

EST Recommended Logo

To check how much energy your appliances at home use, take a look at easy to use Power Meter.

Home entertainment appliances

The latest integrated digital televisions (IDTVs) are able to receive digital signals without the need for a set top box, so they use one power supply instead of two. Unlike many set top boxes, IDTV’s can be switched off without losing their settings and so don’t have to be left on standby! An Energy Saving Recommended IDTV can save around £4 a year and 17 kilograms of CO 2 each year compared to a similar TV and set top box and are the most efficient in their class. You can find a list of ESTR televisions here or take a look at’s where you can find out the yearly running costs of televisions.

Set-Top Boxes
By 2012 all of the UK will have had to conform to digital television, if you do not plan to buy one of the new IDTVs then a set-top box will need to be purchased so that broadcasts can be viewed. It is important to get a set-top box that is Energy Saving Recommended as these set top boxes consumes up to a third less electricity than a typical set top box and therefore will cost half as much to run.

DAB Radios
Energy Saving Recommended DAB radios use around 75% less electricity annually than a standard radio. If the next 9 million DAB radios bought in the UK were all Energy Saving Recommended we would save enough electricity to run the street lighting of the entire UK for nearly 2 months. One thing to be aware of with DAB radios is they tend to go into standby when switched ‘off’.

Managing your Home Entertainment
So now you have the energy efficient gadgets you need to manage these appliances, don’t allow them to remain in standby! Phantom power is a huge problem with over £1 billion worth of energy wasted in the UK alone by people leaving products in standby! Take a look at our AV Standby Shutdown, controlled by your TV remote and with an always on plug for say you Sky box that you can’t turn off completely for update or recording reasons, it will make sure when your television goes off so does the rest of your home entertainment system!

PC and Peripherals

Desktop Computers and Laptops
Laptops are generally more efficient than desktop computers so where possible look at investing in a laptop opposed, the reason for this is that they tend to be smaller and more efficient and therefore require less electricity to run. If everyone buying a new desktop computer in 2010 bought a laptop instead, collectively they would now be spending around £63 million less a year on running costs and generating almost 270,000 tonnes less CO2 per year. 270,000 tonnes of CO2 is enough to fill over 1.5 million double-decker buses each year! The Apple Mini Mac featured in a previous blog post is still the most efficient desktop computer and is sometimes more efficient than a laptop. Find an ESTR laptop or look at’s yearly costs for laptops and desktop computers.

UK household have an estimated 23.3million printers and last year spent about 347.5million powering these, between these printers they are consuming enough energy to supply all the electricity required by almost 85,000 house in the UK for a year! Printers that carry the ESTR logo use less than 22W when switched on and less than 3.5W in sleep mode and less than 1W in Standby mode. Find your EST approved printer and check its yearly running costs. Remember to think before you print so not to waste paper!

Managing your PC and Peripherals
As with home entertainment appliances, don’t allow these products to sit in standby wasting energy! Take a look at our PC Automatic Standby Shutdown, when your computer is powered down the PC Automatic Standby Shutdown will automatically power down peripherals such as speakers and printers too. It also contains an always on socket for say your router.

To find out about other appliances that come with the ESTR logo.

The EST does not have any energy efficient irons to recommend but I think I have found just the one! Phillips’ EnergyCare Steam Iron, if you are prone to forgetting to turn the iron of invest in a rundown timer like this one for safety.

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