Staking it to Vampire Draw

19th February 2013

In December last year E.ON were the last of the big six energy suppliers – British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power, npower and EDF – to announce it will be hiking it electricity and gas prices. With tariffs increased by between 6% and 11%, it’s not the best news to start off 2013 for households across the country.
If you’re feeling a little helpless, don’t despair: there are products out there that can help you manage your energy consumption. Energenie has a team of gadgets to reduce the cost of your energy bill.
Identifying the main energy wasters in the home goes a long way to begin saving money. Plug an appliance into the Energy Saving Power Meter (£14.99) and it will monitor and calculate the energy consumed, the cost based on your tariff and how it’s adding to your carbon footprint. You can then better managed your household energy use and budget accordingly.
Did you know that appliances such as TVs, computers and homes cinema systems left on standby are still costing you money? Known as Vampire Draw, these silent energy zappers can account or 10% of your energy bill. Despite our best efforts we are all guilty of forgetting to power down our appliances. At just £18.99 AV Automatic Standby Shutdown gang plug recognises when your appliances are in standby mode and automatically shuts them down, taking the hassle out of switching off racks of electrical products. You can then switch them all back on by programming the Shutdown to recognise the infrared signal from a TV remote.
For £12.99, the Remote Controlled Socket is a simple way to turn off your appliance from the comfort of your settee. With a range of 30m, point the bundled remote at the plug to turn it on and off. It’s as simple as that. It’s also ideal for controlling hard to reach power sockets locate behind the sofa or immovable chest of drawers. Packs containing multiple sockets are also available.

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