Standby for Energy Price Rises!

12th November 2010

Scottish and Southern Energy have announced it was increasing its gas prices by 9.4% from the start of next month, this has started speculation that other providers will soon follow suit!

Yesterday an article in The Express spoke about energy suppliers and their new schemes designed to help customers become more energy efficient. With the wintery weather energy consumption is now at its highest making these schemes even more important as households could benefit from finding ways to manage their power costs.

There are many different tariffs out there for consumers some designed to help customers become more energy efficient, some offering tariffs said to be ‘energy efficient’ others offering energy saving devices on top of their original tariffs. Tom Lyon from price comparison service uSwitch says “for those who haven’t yet made the move to a competitively priced online plan, these plans can offer genuine saving.” He also adds “Energy efficiency plans are on average £125 more than the average online plan.”

Some of the devices offered by energy suppliers are merely tools to make you more aware of your usage, they will only provide minimal savings. To obtain the savings you want to see you have to be willing to modify your behaviour. There are so many energy saving tips that alone provide small savings but combined can save you a significant amount on your energy bills.

There are also devices that will help you perform some of these tips, products in our range are designed to stop phantom power take a look, we offer free postage and packaging so the price you see is the price you pay!

Let us know about energy suppliers tariffs that promise savings and don’t deliver…

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