Straighten Out your Risks!

17th December 2010

Straigteners have fast become an essential beauty appliance for many women and men across the UK, with this some of the serious safety issues surronding straighteners are prehaps being over looked. Straighteners reach very high temperatures typically in the region of 220C, this is hot enough to burn skin and sometimes even result in permanent scarring! Childrens skin is 15 times thinner than adults skin this makes the burns more severe than adult burns.

The Child Prevention Trust (CAPT) recently released figures relating to the number of accidents that caused under five year olds to be admitted to hospital in the UK. Worringly they found a high rise in the number of burning accident in this age group – they say that numbers had in fact risen by 50% in the last ten years! This is in line with the rise in use of hair straighteners and a large proportion of burning accidents were found to be from straighteners. It is not unusual for children to want to copy what you are doing and investigate things for themselves, this is why it is important to instill in them that like in the kitchen, or with an iron that there are dangers with your straighteners too.

Our advice is to think about where you straighten your hair ideally you want to be in a room on your own, if this isn’t practical for you then try and keep the straighteners away and out of reach from little hands. When you are finished using your straighteners always turn them off, our rundown timer will give you the piece of mind that your straighteners will always turn off after half hour should your little one keep you on your toes! The rundown timer is also great with your iron, curling tongs or electric blanket!

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