Switch Off Day

30th October 2010

With the clocks going back today, it is expected that we will begin to use more energy. Lights will be turned on earlier, central heating will be on for longer.

Research has shown that nearly three out of five (56%) UK households are more concerned this year about the cost of their utility bills this coming winter.

Depsite people concerns and the current economic climate, over a third (38%) are forgetting simple energy conservation methods such as turning off lights that are not in use, turning the TV off standby (43%), this is potentially wasting millions of pounds worth of energy every year and also wasting these individuals money.

Stop passing the blame! 22% of you blame your partner or spouse for leaving the lights on and 21% blame their kids as the reason why energy saving advice is not being listened to.

We have some great products that will elimate the blame game in your home! With the AV Automatic Standby Shutdown your TV will never be left in standby again! The AV Automatic Standby Shudown is controlled by your TV remote and has one always on socket, for products such as Sky Boxes that need to be left on for updating or recording purposes and four sockets, that will automatically turn off when the TV has been put into standby. Remote controlled sockets can be used to turn off appliances, they even work through walls!

Remember to Switch Off this winter!

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