The benefits of using a Wifi Smart Plug

19th February 2019

Smart plugs are one of the most impactful devices in any smart home. They make your life easier, save you time and money, and give you added peace of mind. MiHome’s new Wifi Smart Plug can be used without the need of a MiHome Gateway, making it even simpler and quicker to install. What’s more, The MiHome Wifi Smart Plug works with any Wifi router and is conveniently-sized so you can use more than one plug in a double socket which can be a problem with other wifi smart plugs.

  1. Make the morning routine easier

Avoid the morning chaos by using your MiHome Wifi Smart Plug to automatically switch your coffee machine on in the morning so you’re ready for that early start and use it to switch it off again when you leave the house, so you’ve no need to worry about a thing. As it works with Alexa and Google you can also use voice control to make your morning routine easier if you forget to use your timers.

  1. Make your home safer

With MiHome’s Smart Wifi Plug, devices can be turned off automatically, so you don’t need to worry about them. With so many devices in the home that can cause a fire if left unattended including hair straighteners, irons and heaters, use the timers and triggers through the free MiHome app to control your MiHome Smart Wifi Plug. Set up times for when you want your devices to switch on and off or set up triggers so that devices switch off when you leave the room.

  1. Improve your home security

Smart plugs are essential in helping to ward off burglars. By turning your lights, or other devices, on and off with a smart schedule, it will make your home look like it’s occupied. Even when you’re miles away. And with the Wifi Smart Plug you can use multiple plugs around the house to achieve optimum impact.

  1. Save money

Using a MiHome Wifi Smart Plug can help you save money on your energy bills as rather than leaving your devices on standby which can cost a fortune over time, simply use the MiHome app to switch devices off automatically when they are not being used.

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