We may be wrapped up ready for Winter but is your house?

26th October 2010

Energy Saving Week – Day 2 – Insulation

Annually un-insulated lofts and cavity walls lose enough heat to pay for 1.7 million families gas bills for a year! This is becuase in a typical home more than half of the heat is lost through the walls and the loft. By insulating you can reduce this heat loss.

Insulation works by creating a barrier between the inside and outside of your home, it is this barrier that will reduce the amount of heat lost and trap more inside your home. This occurs becuase heat naturally flows to colder areas, this is more of an issue in winter when the air outside our homes is colder than that inside. It is important to insulate our homes as it will equal lower bills, less waste and will benefit the environment by reducing carbon dioxide. It helps save money on heating bills has your heating system won’t have to keep switching on to replace the heat lost, it will keep our rooms at a consisent comfortable temperature set by us. Remember to turn your thermostat down by 1° as this could save you 10% of your energy bills a year.

If everyone in the UK installed cavity wall insulation, it would save around £610 million of the Nation’s annual domestic energy bills, that would pay the gas bills of 985,000 homes for a year! Environmentally it would stop nearly 4million tonnes of carbon dioxide being wasted – that would fill over 22milion double-decker buses! Insulating cavity walls could save you around £110 a year on fuel bills.

Insulationg your loft could save you around £145 a year on your fuel bills if currently you don’t have any insulation. If everyone in the UK installed loft insulation up to 270mm thickness around £930milion would be saved a year, this saving would pay the gas bills of around 722,000 families a year. The environmental savings would be the equivalent to taking nearly 865,000 UK cars of the road as we would save nearly 2.5milion tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Filling gaps and cracks around floors and skirting boards will save around £20 a year, you could fill these yourself with sealant. Draught proofing blocks the gaps around windows, doors, walls and floors where heat can escape, fewer draughts could save you around £25 a year.

So what are you waiting for get organising your homes winter coat!

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