Your Smartphone battery any good?

15th March 2013

Boost the juice

Today’s smartphones and tablets are like pocket-sized, Swiss Army knife style, super computers: you can watch movies, listen to music, read and answer emails, play console-quality games, surf the World Wide Web, download apps, dabble in social networking, take photos, record video — all while on the move.

The result of all this activity is the battery on your mobile device is sucked dry before the day is out. How many times have you been out on the town and your smartphone is as dead before you hit the pub early evening? Don’t take our word for it: Energenie conducted an online poll and 35.8% said they were shocked if they got to use their smartphone for a whole day while 9% might as well have not bothered charging it in the first place the battery performance was so poor.

To prepare for this inevitable battery fail, it is wise to invest in portable battery charger. Energenie’s range of juice boosters cater for every conceivable mobile device known to man including smartphones and tablets.

The ChargeGenie 200 and 100 Power Mountains are the heavy weights of the Energenie range. If you carry an arsenal of mobile devices on the fly, this paperback book-sized battery pack will replenish your smartphone and tablet — at the same time. It will even top up the battery on your laptop.

Got an iPhone 4 or 4S? Slip the smartphone into the ChargeSleeve case and it will give your Apple device a new lease of life — plus add extra protection against bumps and scrapes. The ChargeGenie 25 and 50 also offer alternative options for all smartphone users.

In terms of design, the most unique charger is the Energenie ChargeGenie. This compact gel-pad battery pack is compatible with all devices rocking a microUSB charging port, such as Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones. It clamps securely onto the back of your smartphone and connects via a neatly hidden USB cable that unfurls from underneath the pack. The great thing about the ChargeGenie is that you can still use the smartphone as you would normally while it administers a charge.

All these portable chargers will ensure you are still connected even if your smartphone or tablet’s battery run out before the day’s end.

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