Does London have space to compete in the ‘Green race’?

7th October 2010

Many cities now offer a bike hire schemes, London has ‘Barclay’s Bikes’ that launched May this year, 15 years after ‘Bycykler København’ Copenhagen’s bike scheme, Paris has Vélib their cycle hire scheme that they launched in 2007. With 17,000 bicycles and 1,202 stations, roughly one station every 300 metres throughout the city centre, this makes Vélib’ the largest system of its kind in the world!

Paris’ Mayor Bertrand Delanoë announced in June 2008 that there would be an electric car hire scheme ‘Autolib’ in place by the end of 2009. Although Paris failed to have scheme rolled out for 2010, Delanoë has announced that Paris will see Autolib enter its test stages in June 2011 with Delanoë wanting the scheme to be fully operational by September. The scheme will see 3,000 electric cars and over 700 stations throughout the city. The idea is the Parisians can subscribe for a monthly fee of 15 Euros and pay an additional 5 Euros for each hour half they use the car. The additional bonus of the scheme even for people that aren’t concerned with green issues that you are guaranteed a parking space, in a city where parking is a notorious problem this is definitely a selling point that cannot be overlooked.
Der Spiegel reports’ that any mayor would surely love the idea of ridding their cities of tens of thousands of stinking old cars.’ If this is to be the case with Paris leading the ‘green race’ our will our nation’s capital London compete?
Will London have enough space to create stations suitable for parking cars? We want to hear your views on the ‘green race’ so please leave comments with your opinions…

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