Hidden Agendas – Greenwashing

3rd September 2010

The Barclays cycle hire scheme was launched 30th July this year and installed 6,000 bikes at about 400 docking stations across zone one of London. The scheme also added 2 new cycle “superhighways” with 10 more to come by 2015, they are there to provide cyclist a safer, faster more direct journey. Transport for London have began showing their new advert shown below in cinemas in London to promote cycling within the city. The Guardian have commented on the cost of the advert feeling that the £441,000 used to create the advert could have been better spent. Although this seems like a high price £500m is spent on advertising the car industry.
The Barclay’s bikes have been subject to a make over by guerrilla teams, wanting to reveal Barclays doggy investments.Which got me to thinking have Barclays began sponsoring the cycle scheme to make light of their less ethical investments?
There are many companies involved in ‘greenwashing’, a classic example of greenwashing is Shell’s advert on the throwaway phase see image below.

Please share your examples of greenwashing…

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