British Gas increase prices today!

10th December 2010

British Gas will be increasing their prices by 7% today, their customers are being urged to speak with their feet and look for cheaper energy providers.

An article in The Telegraph today set out five steps to rejecting your price rise.

  1. Check who your energy supplier is, and whether they have put prices up. If they have, find the letter from your energy supplier telling you about the price rise, or ring and ask why you have not received one.
  2. Check the date on the letter – you have 20 days after this date to reject the rise. The letter could arrive up to 65 days after the switch.
  3. Contact your energy supplier by email, phone or letter and tell them that you reject the rise, citing Ofgem
  4. Find a cheaper deal by using a comparison site accredited by Consumer Focus, the energy watchdog. Switch within 15 working days of rejecting your price rise.
  5. Enjoy your cheaper prices until the switch goes through

Under Ofgem rules, energy companies cannot enforce their price rises if a customer tells them that they reject the rise within 20 working days of receiving a letter about it. British Gas started sending their letters out mid November so get looking for this letter check the date, you still maybe in time to reject the rise!

British Gas are not the only electrical company to have raised prices last month Scottish and Southern pushed through a 9% price rise, while Scottish Power raised its electricity prices by an average of 8.9% and gas by 2%, these both came into effect on the 25 November. It has also been announced that a relatively small supplier Ovo Energy is said to be increasing its New Energy fixed rate tariff by 8%, this is said to only affect future customers.

EDF have promised to freeze its prices until after the winter, they are also said to be offering the best deal around at the moment according to an article in The Telegraph.

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