Back to University 2019: top smart home tech for students

22nd August 2019

It’s that time of year when you’re either preparing your children’s bags to get back to their University accommodation and friends, or they are leaving home for the first time to start their first year armed with a multitude of suitcases, boxes and bags in tow.

Smart home tech can be a real life-saver for students at University.  Here’s some of our MiHome must-have’s for students:

1.     Keep your accommodation secure

MiHome Smart Motion Sensor gives peace of mind that accommodation is secure when getting home after a long day at Uni or a night out with friends. It’s an easy wire-free installation, battery-powered and detects motion when you’re not there. Push notifications are sent to either a phone or digital device when motion is detected so you can be alerted to any motion you’re not expecting. You can also use the MiHome Smart Motion Sensor to trigger other devices such as the MiHome Smart Thermostat to switch the heating on when you get home.

2.   Conveniently switch your appliances on and off when you need to

MiHome Wifi Smart Plug is ideal for students who need reminders to switch their appliances off when they leave the home. With no need of a central hub, you can turn your devices on/off, check your status you’ve left something on and create schedules and timers to switch appliances on before you get home.

3.    Keep your belongings safe

MiHome Smart Door/Window Open Sensor can be used for a whole range of student needs. As well as attaching to the doors or windows of your accommodation it can also be used on drawers, cupboards, safes and much more to keep your belongings safe. Alerts can be sent directly to your phone or digital device when a door or window is opened so you can be immediately alerted to any wrongdoing. It can also be used to make life easier by setting it up to trigger other MiHome devices such as lights to turn on when the front door opens so you need never return to darkness other a long day studying.

4.   Create a home from home

What could be more heartening in those dark Winter months then to come home to a warm and well-lit home. With MiHome Smart Lights, using the MiHome app and Gateway you can conveniently schedule your lighting to come on at particular times of day or when you are a particular distance from home. Meanwhile the MiHome Smart Thermostat or the MiHome Smart Radiator Valves will ensure your home is warm and cosy on those cold winter evenings. Schedule your heating with timers through the free MiHome app or set up triggers for your heating to come on as you open your front door.

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