27% of 8-year-olds own a tablet

17th January 2014
27% of 8-year-olds own a tablet

Approximately 2.1 million children (27 per cent) will have a tablet by the time they are eight years old. 

Nearly four million (29 per cent) were using a smartphone or tablet at the age of three, whereas 11 per cent were just two when they mastered a touchscreen device. 

The vast majority of parents (82 per cent) splashed out on gadgets for their children in 2013, spending £462 on average – £5.6 billion collectively. More than half of that was spent on Christmas alone.

One in six parents admitted that their under-16s are addicted to their devices, yet one in four believe their children would feel lost without such technology.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at uSwitch.com, said: "It’s little wonder that more British parents are caving in to demands from their tech-savvy children. Most tablet-owning parents will probably find their tots commandeer their touchscreen devices anyway."

Parents are advised to keep a close eye on their offspring as they use such touchscreen gadgets, as more than one in ten (12 per cent) of children have accumulated in-app costs from seemingly free-to-play games. 

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