A guide to mobile phone battery packs

9th October 2013
Smart Phone Battery

As mobile phones transitioned into smartphones and started doing so much more than make phone calls, send texts and guide virtual snakes into virtual food, they really have become a battery drain.

Functioning as a camera, internet browser, satellite navigation device, 3D portable games console and torch, to name but a few functions, does tend to leave you running a little low on juice more often than you'd like. Thankfully, you can buy a battery pack to extend the life of your device, which could be a lifesaver, or at least help you navigate your way home in the early hours of Sunday morning when you're lost and alone in East London.

The battery pack is made up of a number of battery cells connected together and when it is connected to the phone it can charge the device for extended use. Much like a mobile phone itself, the battery pack requires charging, so it is important to remember to plug it into the mains as well as your phone.

There's a range of devices to choose from on the market, and picking the right one can be quite difficult. Each pack does tend to fit a different kind of user, however, and this should help you make your decision.

The casual smartphone user who just gets fed up with their phone not quite making it through to the end of the day, making them rue the fact they left their charger in the office, should look into battery cases. These fit to a mobile device like any normal case (only a lot bulkier) and work like an external battery to allow the phone to stay charged for longer.

Examples such as the ExoLife S4 from Exogear can lead to the battery life of a Samsung Galaxy S4 lasting twice as long. Meanwhile, Morphie makes a selection of battery cases for iPhone 5 users, with its highest end model offering 120 per cent extra battery power.

For those who own a tablet or more than one mobile phone, then an external battery pack with multiple ports would be a more sensible option. Rather than extending the life of the existing battery, you can plug your device into the pack to charge it normally as if attaching it to the mains. Examples of these include the Lenmar PowerPort and the Satechi Portable Energy Station.

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