Apple may have to drop latest iPhone charger

7th October 2013
Apple could be forced to ditch the iPhone 5 charger

Under new EU regulations, Apple may be forced to ditch its latest iPhone 5 charger and use the same device as its rivals.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who work on the consumer protection committee voted in favour of using microUSBs across the whole industry.

This would mean that no matter the phone a consumer uses, a one-size-fits-all charger should be able to fill the battery due to them having the same connector.

At present, Apple uses Lightning connectors, and these only work with the three versions of the iPhone 5. It would, however, only have an impact in Europe.

The motivation behind the legislation is to reduce the amount of waste created from people throwing away old or unused chargers.

It still remains a proposal from one group of MEPs and, therefore, it may never become law, but the committee is considering beginning informal negotiations with the council.

Posted by The EnerGenie

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