British Gas announces energy price hike of 9.2%

18th October 2013
British Gas announces energy price hike of 9.2%

British Gas has announced its energy price increases for this year, with customers expected to shoulder bills almost a tenth higher.

The 9.2 per cent increase to domestic customers on a dual-fuel bill will take place from November 23rd, lifting the typical annual household bill by £123. It will affect some 7.8 million homes.

Broken down, the cost of gas will grow 8.4 per cent, while electricity prices will rise by 10.4 per cent.

"Today's announcement, which will add about £2 a week to the average dual fuel bill, reflects the increasing cost of: buying energy in global markets, delivering gas and electricity to the home, and the government's social and environmental programmes, which are paid for through customers' bills," British Gas said.

It had initially said that due to earning more last winter thanks to the cold weather, it would try to limit price increases.
There has already been a huge backlash towards the energy provider, particularly across social media.

Prime minister David Cameron even called the move "disappointing" and suggested people try to switch suppliers to limit their expenditure on energy.

Posted by Oliver Tadd

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